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News and Updates

News and Updates
  • V4.7.1 Latest Release


    Voicemail information is now synchronized to activity feed

    "Try the next call in queue" is automatically triggered when the switching account status to online

    Fixed an issue in the "Sent to Voicemail" IVR option that caused missing reference information during non-working time

    Fixed an issue that caused call recordings not saved to Calls module for team number inbound calls

  • V4.7.0-fix


    "Adding tags for duplicate records" option is added in Lucrativ WebForm import configuration

    Added email and text message support for custom module in smart workflow

    Fixed an issue that caused data synchronization failure when switching products between Lucrativ Talk and Lucrativ Sales

    Execution scheme optimization for better cache performance

  • V4.7.0


    Supported for dialers to bundle multiple numbers

    Supported for transfer and hold functionalities during conference calls

    Supported for custom module pipeline changes in workflow

    Optimized workflow execution logic

    Resolved some bugs

  • V4.6.0


    Added call, text and email functionalities in custom module

    Added leadscore rating system

    Added select all as read all for texts functionality

    Changes to IVR queuing logic, within group queuing

    Resolved some bugs

  • V4.5.0


    Added more triggers, actions and notifications for Zapier integration

    Supported ‘DocuSign’ integration

    Supported ‘Note’ field on the webform

    Added the email tracking in Workflow

    Supported multi-select segments in workflow triggers

  • V4.4.0


    Supported ‘Group’ and ‘Role’ as assignees in ‘Round Robin’

    Supported more triggers and actions in Zapier integration

    Supported ‘Webhook’ action in ‘Workflow’

    Supported to minimize the email edit window

    Optimized UI of referral portal

    Added ‘Balance’ in System settings - ‘Payment’

  • V4.3.0


    Added ‘Free Trial’ feature on the official website.

    Added ‘Permission Control’ for system settings.

    Supported multiple instances in one Lucrativ account.

    Supported the subscription of Insights dashboard.

    Optimized ‘Email’, ‘Meeting’ and Zapier integration.

  • V4.2.0


    Released a new product - ‘Lucrativ Referral’.

    Added the decimal numbers of number type custom field.

    Added the max & min label and trend-line for reports.

    Optimized ‘Home’ page.

    Optimized ‘Export’ feature.

    Optimized ‘Task’ feature.

  • V4.1.0


    Added the feature of ‘Log a meeting’.

    Supported the feature of ‘View other user’s meetings’.

    Supported ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ recording during a call.

    Added ‘CPQ Switch’ in Settings.

    Optimization of system activities and settings.

  • V4.0.0


    Added settings page of conversion.

    Added the feature of export.

    Added the Quote template.

    Added ‘Total’ and ‘Subtotal’ and supported matrix table in reports.

    Supported cross-module actions in Workflow.

  • V3.9.0


    Added ownership on Accounts.

    Added the Configurable, Price and Quote (CPQ) modules (Beta).

    Supported custom field’s API name.

    Optimized the background of Webform.

    Optimized link tracking in email.

    Supported toll-free number and optimized IVR.

    Supported MMS.

  • V3.8.0


    Supported the team number in Lucrativ (Beta).

    Added the IVR system in Dialer (Beta).

    Optimized Assignment Rules, Pipeline management and system built-in fields.

    Added robot detection option (CAPTCHA) to web form.

    Supported the configurable number of email sent per day.

    Supported the attachment upload to email template.

    Optimized the Workflow UI and supported the update of basic information.

    Supported the dark theme of public report.

  • V3.7.0


    Integrated QuickBook in Lucrativ.

    Supported external booking URL for Meeting.

    Supported lead import into Custom Module.

    Added dashboard filter, some new charts and values in Insights.

    Optimized Workflow advanced settings.

    Added multiple ‘Overview’ on the detail page.

    Separated the ‘Settings’ into ‘Personal Settings’ and ‘System Settings’.

  • V3.6.0


    Added the feature of ‘Webform’ for lead capture.

    Added the feature of ‘Automatic lead import from email attachments’.

    Added the feature of ‘Document’ to upload and manage files.

    Supported more actions (create, update, search) for Zapier integration.

    Supported a new report type 'Target Report'.

    Supported more conditions (comparision between 2 dates etc.) in Workflow.

  • V3.5.0


    Added roles, profiles and data sharing permission administration.

    Added Zapier Integration.

    Added Lucrativ API key generation.

    Added dialer feature: live call monitoring (listen & barge live calls).

    Supported the data source connector: MySQL.

    Supported “Publish to Web” on reports and dashboards.

    Supported re-order of the custom groups and fields.

    Set to 12 hour time format.

  • V3.4.0


    Added ‘Activities & Notes’, ‘To-dos’, ‘Workflow’ and bulk operation in custom module.

    Supported the Bombbomb integration.

    Added ‘Text Alert’ feature and optimized the gathering logic of notification.

    Supported ‘Team Call History’ in dialer.

    Supported ‘Day-on-day’, ‘Week-on-week’ and ‘Year-on-year’ as values.

  • V3.3.0


    Updated ‘Prospect Routing’.

    Updated the architecture of Insights, re-defined the dashboard, folder and reports.

    Completed dialer setting process and added ‘Pause’ feature in Call List.

    Updated the method of adding ‘Tag’ while importing a list.

    Added a strong notification when browser time zone is different from Lucrativ’s time zone.

  • V3.2.0


    Added Google search, customer location and social media wights in Prospect/Opportunity/Contact overview tab.

    Added ‘Re-dial’ feature in Dialer ‘Recents’.

    Added report dashboard and chart features in Insights module.

    Supported Hubspot Integration.

    Supported ‘drag’ operation for adding pictures and attachments in email.

  • V3.1.0


    Added a new pipeline view to Opportunity list page.

    Added a new module called ‘Meeting’, synced with Google Calendar.

    Added several new actions in Workflow.

    Created a new custom report called ‘Funnel report’.

  • V3.0.0


    The feature of 'Do Not Contact' has been released.

    Added the feature of customization of dashboard interface.

    Added the feature of minimization of dialer and text panel.

    Released a new feature called ‘Gamification’.

    Updated a new trigger and a new condition in Workflow.

    Updated the report permissions.