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Data Security

We work with industry pioneers to ensure that your data is protected 24/7.

Lucrativ prides itself in building a powerful and data-secure sales platform

·Infrastructure Security

Lucrativ runs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This means your data is protected by Google’s Security model which provides physical security 24/7. The infrastructure is designed in progressive layers which start from physical to operational security.

·Network Security

Your security is our foremost priority. This is why Lucrativ encrypts all data upon transit. All network traffic runs over SSL/HTTPS that provide standard security protocol that ensures your data is secure upon entry.

·Data Encryption

Your data belongs to you. This is why we believe in safeguarding all of your sensitive information. We encrypt all of your data from login information to other sensitive credentials.

·Data Privacy

Not only does Lucrativ respect your privacy, we safeguard it. Lucrativ doesn’t look into your account without your permission. Apart from this, we are prohibited from mining or sharing your data.

·Application security

We protect you from external threats. Lucrativ secures your business applications through standardized security measures such as application testing, scanning, and API security features.


Your data is secured from third party applications. Lucrativ uses OAuth2 in authorizing other services. This means that your data is protected even in transit.


When we say that your data is protected 24/7, we mean it. Lucrativ has metrics and alerts that monitor malicious activity, handle security incidents, and support operational processes. This allows us to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.


Lucrativ works hard to prevent single-point issues. We have multiple systems that ensure your data is safe and secure. We also backup your data on a daily basis so that your data is stored securely.

·Identity and Access Control

Lucrativ provides Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to manage your team permissions. This means that your employees’ access to information depends on their role within your enterprise.


Our security program is built on the ISO 27001 framework which is a global standard for the establishment and certification of an information security management system or ISMS.